Reality television has a reputation for being patently unreal and that's not all bad, claims one guy on WEtv "From Not to Hot." The show chronicles the weight loss and plastic surgery makeover of Mama June Shannon, of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." But as per this man, losing weight is bad when it reduces the boobs. The would-be Casanova craves curves (all guys do, he promises). It doesn't matter if they are real or just practice breast implant samples.

Mama June's boob job fail wins

June and her kiddos "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson and "Pumpkin" Lauryn Shannon were out for ice cream on the last episode of "From Not to Hot." Now, this is the last place that Shannon should be after gastric bypass.

What happened to losing weight for plastic surgery, skin removal, tummy tuck, etc? Ice cream is the last thing Alana or Lauryn need as both are staring down the barrel of morbid obesity. But there wouldn't be a reality television show if they did what they should. Anyhoo, Shannon, who is dabbling with breast implants, figured she'd better practice wearing them. The boob job went over like gelatto in July and got the family free ice cream from an admirer.

Weight loss lost on lothario

Mama June getting hit on delighted Pumpkin who played matchmaker and gave the guy mom's number. Honey Boo Boo started casting him as her stepdaddy. Both responses are creepy coming from teens who should be properly creeped out by adults flirting.

The stalker did contact Shannon but was disappointed in his ice cream investment. He began body-shaming June but not for obesity. He was genuinely disturbed to see that she had lost weight in her "upper area." (Why not just say it, dude?)

The reality television celebrity told him hers were a trial run boob job but he didn't care.

In typical toe-curling style, June fired back that she hadn't asked how big his penis was (at least someone had the guts to spell it out). And she got her wish. June says she likes large male members and this one was certainly a big d--khead.