As Danny continues his attempt to ingratiate himself to the Meachums, they have a few tricks up their sleeve to keep him out of Rand Enterprises in “Shadow Hawk Takes Flight.” Check out all of the comic book Easter eggs and references in the second episode of “Iron Fist!”

Spoiler Warning

If you aren’t caught up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, turn back now! This Easter egg list contains spoilers for the shows and movies that are a part of it, including “Iron Fist.”

The Order of the Crane Mother

Danny references the Order of the Crane Mother when recounting his experience with monks in K'un-Lun.

Many Marvel fans speculated that we’ve already seen the Crane Mother on past Netflix shows like “Daredevil.” To avoid spoilers for those who are reading episode-by-episode though, we’ll save more details for further down the line.

Danny bought a passport in Morocco

The MCU series love Morocco. It’s kind of a catch-all location. In addition to Danny buying a Canadian passport there, its coast is also where “Agents of SHIELD” saw Jemma Simmons jump out of a plane to save her team from a Chitauri virus, where the villain Ian Quinn spent some time, and where former SHIELD cadet Donnie Gill sank to the bottom of the ocean. Who will pass through Morocco next? Only time will tell.

John Anderson

The name on Danny’s fake passport is that of a “Spider-man” comic book character who later goes on to be a hero in his own right.

He helps Spidey in a battle against Doc Oc, taking on the name The Kiwi Kid.

'The Immortal Iron Fist'

The title of the comic book when the character was given his solo series, Danny gives himself another title: the “sworn enemy of The Hand,” which is what gets Harold Meachum’s attention.

The Hand, as fans well know by now, is the big bad that’s been making things difficult for Matt Murdock on “Daredevil,” and who had some dark tricks up their sleeve with Elektra.

Referencing Danny as their sworn enemy and the one who can defeat them appears to be Marvel playing the long game and giving us a tease for “The Defenders.”

Valdes, Kroll, and Miller

These names could be random picks, but with Valdes as Danny’s art teacher, Kroll as music, and Miller as P.E., that’s likely not the case.

Manolo Valdes is a Spanish artist who gained prominence in the Pop Art movement but chose to paint subjects with political significance.

Born in 1942, he’s still alive and working out of both Spain and New York.

While there are plenty of musicians with the last name Kroll, William Kroll was a violinist and composer who was born in New York and seems like the most likely reference. He wrote music for the piano, the violin, string quartets, and full orchestras that ranged from polkas to lullabyes.

Miller, on the other hand, is a pretty common last name and hard to pin down for an athletic reference. Of course, there’s always Frank Miller, whose “Daredevil” comic book run and creation of Elektra is legendary. He also worked on “Power Man and Iron Fist” in 1981 for an issue called “Death Scream of the Warhawk,” which seems appropriate for an episode name with another “hawk” in the title.

Ever since the incident…

By now, anyone who has seen a Marvel series on Netflix knows that “the incident” is code for “the big battle that happened in ‘The Avengers,'” right? It’s a reminder that the movies and the shows are set in the same universe.

Frank. N. Stein

This one might be a little self-explanatory, but it’s how Ward Meachum has his father saved in his phone. For the monstrous Harold Meachum, it seems appropriate. Of course, the mistake often made is the belief that Frankenstein is the monster. Dr. Frankenstein had the name while his monster was called Adam. The question is: does Ward think of his father as the monster or the man that created one?

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