Alright, so recently, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly got to chat up Dan Fogelman, who is the producer of NBC's hottest,new drama series: "This Is Us," and revealed some very interesting, new things that we can expect the show to come up with during its final season 1 episodes. One of the major things he described is when he revealed that the finale episode, which is going to be number 18, will be ,primarily, all about Jack and Rebecca, calling it a Jack and Rebecca-centric episode.

A reveal from Justin too

So, you guys should definitely look forward to getting all you can handle about these two love birds to get shoved down your throats to cap off the season.

And I believe that we're also going to finally see how Jack ,sadly, went to meet his maker, because not only did Entertainment Weekly talk to Fogelman. They also chatted up the Kevin Pearson star, Justin Hartley!

It will be a complete shocker

He revealed that he definitely has been told how Jack bites the dust. However, he refused to give any specific details, ensuring that he gets to keep his job if you know what I'm saying. But he did deliver up some adjectives to tide us over until we get the glimpse for ourselves, stating that we will never, ever be able to guess how he actually dies.

Then he followed that up by saying, it's really, really unexpected and extremely heartbreaking and sad! Oh no!

He capped off the description by saying that the big reveal is also moving and will deliver a very painful experience that will just stay with you forever. OMG! What? Now, that's some intense stuff. After hearing that, I'm pretty sure that a lot of you fans will be tearing up after finally seeing it, so just brace yourselves.

That big season 1 finale episode is set to show up on Tuesday night, March 14th,2017 at 8pm central time on NBC.

William flashback for episode 17

Now, getting back to Fogelman. The whole reason why he revealed this big, season 1 finale tease, is because he also delivered some other big announcement, telling us that we haven't seen the last of poor ole William even though he sadly passed away in the last episode 16.

He told them that they've got flashbacks all mapped out for him, and he is definitely going to remain a big part of the show. So, definitely look to see him, show up every now and then. As soon as episode 17, actually. He explained that we wouldn't see him in the finale episode 18, which led him to state it's because of the Jack and Rebecca episode. Anyways, stay tuned.