When it came time to pick "The Bachelor" it was between Luke Pell and Chase McNary, but ABC ended up picking Nick Viall for the job. Luke was sure he had the job, but instead, they gave it to Nick. Now after Nick's season is over, Luke is trashing him saying that he would have done a better job.

Luke Pell shares his thoughts

Luke Pell spoke out to In Touch about his thoughts. First off, he said that Nick was "terrible" as "The Bachelor." Not everyone would agree with this, though. Luke went on to say, "I definitely would have made a better Bachelor.

I’m one of the most genuine and honest people.” Maybe Luke is campaigning to make sure he gets a spot on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer. It would be shocking if he decided to try and be "The Bachelor" once again after what an emotional roller coaster he went through last time.

Luke was actually about to get on a plane to go to LA to start filming "The Bachelor" when he found out that Nick got the job instead of him. He was sure that he was the one who would be handing out roses and it all changed at the very last minute for him. This could be part of why he is trashing Nick Viall so much about the way he handled himself on the show.

He went on to say that people think that this was a really bad season of the show, but not everyone agrees with that at all.

Luke is also not impressed that Nick chose to go on "Dancing With the Stars" either. He went on to say, "He could have ended this season and [gone back to a normal life], but instead he chose to do the most narcissistic thing you can do, which is Dancing With the Stars. I think that makes a statement.” The thing is Nick isn't the first guy from "The Bachelor" to do the show, and he probably isn't the last one either.

It is a way to make some really good money coming off of the show.

Are you shocked that Luke Pell is trashing Nick Viall? Who do you think would have done the better job? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" with Nick Viall on Monday nights on ABC. It will start this Monday night.