Adam Levine is a long-time judge on "The Voice." He has been side by side with Blake Shelton and competing for the title each year. The two have always had a love/hate relationship that fans enjoy watching. The joking and jabs, the competitiveness, the fantastic singers they have helped grow on the show have kept loyal fans tuning in.

Adam weighs in on the lovers.

Recently Adam Levine was on Howard Stern's XM Radio show. He said it is strange to sit in the coaches chairs with the couple and Alicia Keys. To really think about the relationship behind the scenes with the two and to see how they interact in front of the camera is still strange to him at times.

Adam shared that there have been incidents when he felt like a third wheel with the two.

The relationship between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani was an eyebrow raiser back in 2015 when the sparks began on the set of "The Voice." Both had just gone through divorces, and their relationship grew.

Adam was quick to say that he felt the two had not dated before their divorces. There was some talk about the couple having gotten together too soon after their divorces, but as Adam pointed out, the heart wants what the heart wants.

The flirting on the set.

The PDA on the set of "The Voice" has not been well-received by viewers. Many have taken to social media to point out this isn't the Blake and Gwen show but is an award-winning show about the talent of the singers.

Viewers have said they feel that the flirting between the two lovebirds is taking the focus off of the performers. We know the ratings have reflected a major drop, but that hasn't slowed the couple down.

Fans have always loved watching Adam and Blake banter. In the last show, Adam accused Blake of cheating. See, Blake had encouraged Adam to turn his chair for Enid Ortiz as she sang "All I Ask." Well, Adam turned around expecting to be the only chair because Blake had said he wouldn't. At the very last second, Blake pushed the button and turned around. Adam didn't like the sneaky move and told Blake "that was the dirtiest thing I've ever seen."