Camila Cabello, 20, gave an interview to Latina magazine, spring special edition, where she talked about her artistic career, love, health and friendship. Since she left Fifth harmony, she became one of the most popular celebrities in the media because everyone wanted to know the reasons for her drastic decision. She explained that she prefers to focus on her artistic work and not on material success. Anyway, she is very grateful to Fifth Harmony for everything she learned with them. Her ex-fellows complained that Cabello left the group too soon, without even warning before.


The singer opened up about her struggle with anxiety, a mental disorder that she has for two years, but thanks to the support of her family is overcoming it. Cabello believes that the anxiety she suffered was due to the pressures of fame and success. The pop star changed her lifestyle: she trains hard, practices meditation daily and eats healthy.The artist read many books about anxiety disorder that helped her understand what was happening. She had thoughts that were not real and that hurt her a lot, then she understood that everything was just a matter of her imagination.

Love, life and friends

Cabello explained that she never talks about her love life because she prefers to keep it private, since love is the most important thing in her life.

As far as possible, she wants to lead a normal life. For example, going on holiday with friends to Spain and falling in love with a Spanish boy. The pop star wants to stay close to people and not live locked in a luxury hotel. She believes that living the real experiences anyone can live will be her inspiration to create beautiful songs like 'Bad Things' and 'I know what you did last summer'.

Cabello also talked about her friendship with Taylor Swift, 27, whom she describes as a great girl. They never talked about her artistic careers, they prefer to talk about guys. Cabello says that Swift always gives good advice about love that helps her to overcome difficult situations.