So it's no secret that Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are rivals on "The Voice." The two have done what they can to irritate each other season after season. Amid rumors of this being the final season for the two on the panel of judges, the competition will be heating up.

Three teaming up!

Alicia Keys will be returning, as well as Gwen Stefani. According to Alicia, she will be teaming up with Gwen and Adam against Blake this next season. The competition has been taken to the next level after the win of Team Blake with Sundance Head last season.

According to an insider of "The Voice," though everything seemed fine between the longtime coaches, Sundance's win sparked some rivalry.

Blake was a bit arrogant about the win and wanted to bask in the joy. The others took it as him throwing it in their faces and Adam didn't respond well. He never offered congratulations to Blake on taking the title. Blake saw this as Adam being a bad loser. The Inquisitr reports that Adam even went so far as to accuse Blake of rigging the show!

With Gwen returning to the judges panel, there will be competition between the two considering their off-camera relationship. She, of course, will be teaming up with Alicia and Adam to make sure one of them beats Blake this year. As for where Alicia Keys stands on things, she spoke up and confirmed that all three are Anti-Team Blake. She jokingly says they are angry at him and are coming after him in this upcoming season.

All female judges in the future?

Rumor has it that if Blake and Adam do leave "The Voice" after one more season, there is a possibility of an all female judge panel. It has not been confirmed if Gwen and Alicia will remain on the show as the most seasoned coaches.

The banter between the two longtime judges has become a fun part of the show.

Viewers enjoy the bickering and battles between the two. If both of the guys decide to leave, it would be a complete shift for the show. Viewers are accustomed to the type of teams these two icons put together, and there is a learning curve with a new judge.