Jenelle Evans keeps "Teen Mom 2" fans entertained. She always has drama around her. It usually involves a man in her life, her parenting choices or her mother. Over the weekend some drama involving her ex and her current guy took place.

Who is Jenelle's ex-husband?

Of all the men in Jenelle's life, she has only married once. Courtland Rogers had a rocky relationship with her in 2012 and 2013. The two divorced in 2014, ending a drug-ridden tumultuous relationship.

Though Courtland admits to a heroin addiction for which he needed rehab, the charges were for some other old business.

On November 20, 2015 he was picked up on a warrant for failure to appear for a speeding ticket and reckless driving. He was finally released this past weekend, having spent over a year in jail. The good news is he says he is clean and sober now.

The coincidence of his release and the update on Jenelle's social media has some fans speculating about a reunion between Jenelle and her ex-husband. You see, she changed her Facebook profile pic from one of her, fiance' David Eason and their daughter Ensley to a pic of just her and Ensley. When curious fans investigated further, they found that David has deleted his Facebook profile altogether.

Is there trouble in paradise?

Social media is a buzz about the possibility of problems with the "Teen Mom" star and her soulmate.

There have been rumors of him controlling her and also Jenelle's recent weekend away without her man and her kids. Could they all have actually been signs that the relationship was having problems?

There has been no confirmation that Courland or Jenelle has reached out to the other since he was released. We have learned that too coincidental is usually not so coincidental after all, however.

With the changes to Jenelle's Facebook and David's being deleted, do you think there might be a Courtland connection?

Fans will be tuning in for the reunion show this evening, the close of another season of "Teen Mom 2." We will have to wait for reports on what happens next with Jenelle's love life.