"Teen Mom OG" star Jenelle Evans is again under fire on social media. This time it is Kaiser and a skateboard. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, her critics are slamming her. Let's take a look at the whole scenario.

Kaiser on the skateboard

Jenelle posted a picture of cute little Kaiser giving a skateboard a go. The first picture had him on the skateboard and the second was him loosing his balance. There was no helmet or any other safety gear in the picture. Well,that opened the door for the comments. Thousands accused her of being an unfit mom that was putting her children in danger.

She was criticized heavily for not taking the time to either take the skateboard away from him or properly protecting him with a helmet but she did have the time to pull out her phone and snap pictures.

Some of her fans tried to defend her. They even went so far as to claim the skateboard had no wheels on it but it clearly did. Jenelle spoke out and explained that Kaiser had taken the skateboard from his older brother Jace and had simply tried it out. She assures her critics that there is plenty of safety gear at her house to protect all of her children.

Jenelle seems to create drama

Jenelle is constantly under scrutiny for one thing or another. And she has made a career of making excuses for the problems in her life instead of owning them.

The years of drug use, history of arrests, a long history of bad boy boyfriends. Jenelle has paved a path of twists and turns that always lead to controversy.

The "Teen Mom OG" star has shown once again that she could use some help in the area of parenting. Considering how many times she has been before a judge for custody hearings for her children, why has no one ordered her to take some parenting classes?

The safety of her children seem to be a recurring theme of Jenelle drama.

Barbara Evans still has custody of Jace, Jenelle's first born. The next court date is May 23rd. Any modification to the current order of custody could be made official at that time. Stay tuned as this story continues to unfold.