"bates motel" spoilers tease tense moments are ahead for norman Bates during Episode 5. Deep down, Norman knows that his mother is dead, but he has held on to the notion that she's alive and "just can't leave the house." Dr. Andrews will pop in for a visit and Dylan and Emma will learn that both Norma and Caleb has died. The sheriff will have a few tough questions for Norman after they pulled up a few bodies in the lake. It looks like a great episode ahead on "Bates Motel."

Norman talks to Dr. Andrews

Last season on "Bates Motel," Dr. Andrews promised to check in on Norman.

It's been two years since Norma died and Norman is slipping further into his own world, making it difficult for any psychiatric medication to help him. Norman admits that he sometimes sees his mother when she isn't there, and sometimes, he "becomes her." Dr. Andrews was shocked by the confession and assured him that he could help.

Emma and Dylan learn the grim details of Norma's death

"Bates Motel" spoilers tease that Emma and Dylan learn that Norma had died almost two years earlier. Dylan figures out that when he called his mother and Norman refused to allow him to talk to her that she was already dead. Dylan decided to come back to speak to Norman. He hopes that he can get him to go with him and convince him to get treatment.

The only thing Dylan discovers in Episode 5 is that Norma died. The spoilers suggest that he will learn that Norman killed her later in the season.

Rihanna arrives as iconic Marion Crane

Rihanna arrives at Bates Motel after she decided to steal money from her boss. The showrunner teased that Rihanna will not get a shower scene but a bathtub scene.

Will Norman kill her in the tub instead?

Sheriff questions Norman about Norma's death

"Bates Motel" preview video shows the sheriff asking Norman questions about Norma's death.

Norman seemed rattled by her questions and said that it was easy to blame the teenager who was recently released from a mental hospital. Will the sheriff ask Norman about the bodies in the lake?

"Bates Motel" airs Monday nights on A&E.