For years, viewers have watched and fallen in love with "Taken" starring Liam Neeson. The original trilogy started back in 2008. NBC is airing the new "Taken" series on Monday nights at 10 p.m. after "The Voice." The pilot for the new series was on Monday, February 27 and has already received good ratings even though Liam Neeson is not in the series. His role has been given to Clive Standen as a younger version of Neeson's character, Bryan Mills.

"Taken" got off to a pretty good start on NBC with 7.4 million viewers. That was more viewers than shows on other major networks.

While that was an impressive number, it might not tell the true story about the success of the show until after a few more episodes to see if viewers will stick around. That many people watched the pilot to see what the series is all about. Did enough happen during the first episode of the crime drama and action thriller to keep viewers, or will they fall by the wayside and choose to watch something else on another network?

Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills

Those who watched Liam Neeson in "Taken" know that in all three films, he played retired CIA operative Byran Mills, who was good at being successful in whatever he set out to do. He had special skills and techniques for accomplishing his purpose.

Clive Standen as Bryan Mills

There are some similarities between Neeson's "Taken" and Standen's "Taken." For instance, Mills is a former Green Beret who is recruited by members of the CIA after they saw how he handled a personal tragedy. As with the original Mills played by Neeson, the new Mills' daughter is also kidnapped, and he has to develop some specific techniques to get her back.

The new Mills is well trained after having spent three tours in Afghanistan. He is out to get revenge on those who killed his sister and looking for the kidnappers of his daughter. All of that is going on as he starts his career as a special intelligence operative. It is not his abilities he is concerned about. He is concerned about trusting the people around him, including Christina Hart, played by Jennifer Beals.