Liam Neesondramatic weight loss recently was not forhis health or to outrun weight-related problems. And far from impressing people, Neeson's makeover scared them. Neeson who is already trim, looked sickly gaunt and it caused question about whether Sir Liam was ill or purposely starving himself. The secret to the "Taken" actor's massive weight loss reveals a bizarre talent some performers have that will shock you.

Neeson's weight loss explained.

So Neeson isn't sick--in fact, he's in the peak of health--assure publicists. But the "Michael Collins" actor does play someone who is, so to speak.

In the 2016 Martin Scorsese film "Silence" Liam Neeson plays a 17th century Jesuit priest who goes to Japan as a missionary. He, along with fellow Jesuits, (played by Adam Driver, Ciaran Hinds and Andrew Garfield) are persecuted for their faith. In order to look the part of a starved, tortured 1600s monk with a vow of poverty, Neeson had to drop 20 pounds. He has now purposely gained weight to get back up to a healthy BMI (body mass index).

Scary talent actors have

This practice of losing weight for a role is one shared by several male actors. They can also gain weight to play certain parts as well. Sometimes actors have to gain and lose in relatively quick succession when filming movies that require them to different sizes.

Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp,Christian Bale and Jared Leto are some of those chameleon actors. Jared Leto put on about 40 pounds for his role as Mark David Chapman in "Chapter 27." In "Suicide Squad," he had to be wraith-like. He got to obesity with bizarre methods such aseating butter and olive oil straight.

To lose weight, he used a more healthy, if unconventional, method of fasting and cleansing. Colin Farrell ate just two cans of tuna a day to lose weight fast.

Losing weight can lose parts.

Funny lady Rebel Wilsongained weight because she thought fat people were funnier than skinny people. Just for the health of it, she shed pounds.

Now that she has lost serious weight, she may or may not be taken seriously as a comedian or in roles that require a heavy person. Other Celebrities likeTimothy Spall lost weight for a more slender and serious role too. Poor Melissa McCarthy actually lost her show "Mike and Molly" because she wasn't fat enough to play an obese woman.