Rapper Stitches has a new song to promote. So, of course, he's going to name drop a celebrity or two. To promote his new song on social media, he is trying to get Taylor Swift's fans involved. He also made a promise to knock out Kanye West in order to win the singer-songwriter over. Last time the rapper made headlines was when he was arrested at a Whole Foods parking lot for allegedly using a handicap space. He also made headlines for revealing that he allegedly hooked up with Kylie Jenner and did drugs with the socialite.

Stitches provides that he's a 'Swiftie'

Now, Stitches is promoting a new song in which he threatens Kanye West and admits that he wants to sleep with Taylor Swift. He got the song promo cycle rolling by asking his fans to visits Taylor Swift's social media accounts and promote his special remix of Swift and Zayn Malik's "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" from the "Fifty Shades Darker" soundtrack. However, his remix version is entitled "I Just Wanna F*** You." He also changed the lyrics of the song, which are graphic in detail.

In a video posted on Facebook, he told his fans to go directly to Taylor Swift's Facebook page and tell her fans to listen to his new song. He also had a special message for the singer herself.

Stitches made a promise to punch out Kanye West the next time he sees him. He also made a promise to pleasure Swift, and then asked her to get married and have babies together.

Taylor Swift's feud with Kimye makes headlines again

Stitches then starts chewing on $100 bills and ripping them with his teeth. The Florida-based rapper also shouted out to Kodak Black who is currently in jail for a parole violation, according to HipHopDX.

He finished his clip by saying that he loves Taylor Swift and her fans, and he would love to be the father of her unborn baby. It's highly unlikely that Swift will return his calls.

It looks like he's siding with the "Bad Blood" singer amid her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Last summer, the reality star leaked a series of videos of the singer's phone conversation with West about his song "Famous," in which she seems to approve the lyrics.

Swift's music video director Joseph Kahn ripped the couple over filming the phone conversation and leaking it on the internet. West proceeded to slam the singer at his concerts and even had the crowd shout "F*** Taylor Swift" at one of his shows. Swift had the last laugh when she dragged West out during her Album of the Year speech at the 2016 Grammy Awards.