It was no secret that Dutchess Lattimore and Ceaser Emanual broke up several months ago but "Black Ink Crew" cameras were rolling and we're just now getting to see their split play out on the VH1 reality TV series. After Dutchess left New York City and headed back to North Carolina to heal her broken heart, Ceaser decided to go on a trip to Miami with Sky, Donna, and Teddy. It didn't take long for Ceaser to make a new love connection in South Florida with another tattoo artist who is incredibly well known in her own right.

No one can believe that Ceaser went on a Miami trip with Sky, Donna, and Teddy

It all started out with Ceaser heading to a tattoo shop to get some new ink from two time "Ink Master" contestant Tatu Baby. She happens to be really well known for a style of tattoo called photo realism and that is exactly what Ceaser is looking for in order to get a portrait of his mother tattooed on his upper left thigh.

After a consult with Tatu Baby for the tattoo, Ceaser admits that this the end of an era and it's a huge deal to have the former "Ink Master" contestant giving him ink. He said that previously, the only female who has ever tattooed him was Dutchess and had they stayed engaged, it probably would have stayed that way.

It was pretty clear that there was way more than pigment flying as Tatu Baby inked Ceaser's mother's likeness onto his leg. There were plenty of sparks too and when Tatu Baby offered to show Ceaser around Miami later that night, he ditched Sky, Donna, and Teddy.

Tatu Baby takes Ceaser out for a taste of the Miami nightlife

Tatu Baby ended up taking Ceaser out to a salsa club called El Patio and despite feeling uncomfortable and out of his element, Ceaser ended up having a great time with his new female friend.

Things got a little weird when a waitress asked if the pair were out on a date. Previously they had billed the outing as Tatu Baby just showing Ceaser around but the perma-grin on his face was proof enough that the pair were doing more than hanging out. This was the first real date with another woman for Ceaser since Dutchess packed up and left for her own tattoo studio Pretty In Ink.

There's still no telling if Ceaser Emanuel and Tatu Baby are going to end up dating for real or if their date was all for his show. However, the new duo do look pretty cute together and maybe those sparks mean that Tatu Baby could pop up in NYC and appear in future episodes of VH1's "Black Ink Crew."