Episode 16 of "Supernatural" Season 12, named “Ladies Drink Free,” will follow Dean and Sam as they race against time to stop Claire from transforming into a werewolf. Mick Davies of the British Men Of Letters also operates to join the Winchester brothers in the field. The plot for this new episode published on TV Guide states: “Dean (J. Ackles) and Sam (J. Padalecki) hunt for a werewolf. Let Mick Davies come along on the case and they quickly run into Claire Novak (K. Newton), but their meeting is short-lived after Claire is attacked and the brothers run to find a method to help her before she changes.”

Plot and highlights episode 15

The last chapter 15 showed Lucifer's return, and Dean is definitely willing to work with the British Men Of Letters.

While Crowley was away with the two brothers, two of his followers discover Lucifer's covering place, and they published the hellhound to produce a distraction to free Lucifer.

The next episode of "Supernatural" Season 12 will follow the surprising tandem between the Winchesters and the British Men of Letters agent Mick (A. Fergus). Spoilers published online teased of Dean and Sam effort to save a friend when a werewolf research goes wrong.

Episode 16 spoilers and trailer

The trailer for this new episode 16 starts out with the Winchesters talking with Mick about the werewolf that is free. He proposes himself to their hunt, which is something that the Winchesters look uncertain about. However, Mick finds himself in peril in the following scene.

It is explicit that Mick will be more of a burden than an asset in this installment as his appearance will get in the way of Dean and Sam's search.

Dean and Sam will follow a hellhound, who will direct out to be a disturbance that Crowley's (M. A. Sheppard) men will publish in order to release Lucifer. At the end, Sam will confess to Dean that he has been getting cases from the British Men of Letters, and Dean will seem to accept it.

Episode 16 of "Supernatural" season 12 will air on The CW on Thursday, March 30 at 8.00 pm EST.