"Fire Island" is a new reality show premiering at the end of April. It was filmed last summer in New York, and centers around a group of six gay men living together. It has been compared to "Jersey Shore" with similar things happening. Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos used their production company to get the show rolling.

Milojo Productions is the company that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuleos own and run. This is their first big project, and "Fire Island" is set to debut on the Logo network at the end of April. Casting calls were answered and Patrick McDonald was one of six gay men chosen to appear on the reality show.

It appears that filming went well, as the men became local celebrities in the New York area. While fame was what some were looking for, McDonald may have gotten more than he bargained for when it came to his life.

Who is Patrick McDonald?

Patrick McDonald is a new name in the reality television world. He hails from a small town in Georgia and moved to New York to do "Fire Island" once Milojo Productions agreed he fit the type they were looking for. According to Radar Online, Patrick McDonald got into partying too much and suffered from a drug overdose. It was reportedly from a mix of cocaine and booze. The inside source who talked Radar Online is a friend of McDonald's, and placed blame on an unlikely source.

Is Kelly Ripa to blame?

It appears that the friend of Patrick McDonald is accusing Kelly Ripa of ditching the man she used for her show when he needed her the most. $10,000 was apparently what the six men earned for filming "Fire Island," and that was blown through pretty quickly for McDonald. After he overdosed, he wanted to get sober but was broke.

He attempted a Go Fund Me page to aid in getting help. Ripa reportedly did not reach out according to the anonymous friend.

As of now, "Fire Island" will be debuting on the Logo network on April 27. Starring six gay men, this show is sure to have everyone talking. Kelly Ripa hasn't commented on the Patrick McDonald situation publicly but as the premiere approaches, she may have to say something.