Episode 12 of "Bones" Season 12, titled “The Final Chapter: The End In the End,” will show the result of the bomb explosion from last chapter's cliffhanger closing. Brennan and Booth are shown to have survived and will run to hunt down Kovac with their group.

The plot for the next episode published on TV Guide states: “at the end of the series, Kovac (A. Bellani) is still on the loose as the team looks for confirmation to trail him down. But they will have to make it without Brennan (E. Deschanel) after she feels a difficulty, and their job is not made any simpler when it seems he is got outside support and a refuge.”

Key points and highlights episode 11

The TV Series says adieu to Booth and Brennan in the concluding chapter of the long-running crime procedural TV series, but it will not be without some action particularly when the end’s main villain is Mark Kovac.

The last episode finished on a cliffhanger, with Booth (D. Boreanaz) hopelessly calling out for his lady, Brennan, as a set of bombs began to detonate throughout the Jeffersonian Institute. Kovac had been hard-pressed on claiming his vengeance on Booth, who murdered his father many times ago. Did the series' most cruel villain finally reach in avenging his father on Booth by eliminating the agent's lady? In a conference with EW, the series' producer Michael Peterson announced that things would get dangerous first before they begin getting better. "But finally, have hope. We will probably cover it up in a way that will be gratifying," Peterson stated.

Episode 12 trailer, spoilers, and preview

In the promotional trailer for the next episode, the promo shows the power of the bomb detonation in Jeffersonian Institute.

Booth is pioneering the area to look for other traces, and the people left back, but he is disturbed when he views Bones lying down and senseless among the rumbles. It seems Bones has been injured in the explosion. Episode 12 of "Bones" Season 12 will air on Fox on Tuesday, March 28, at 9.00 pm EST.