The episode 6 of "Supergirl" Season 2, named “Star-Crossed,” is set to show Kara as she discovers Mon-El’s real identity when two strangers, who may be his parents, come to earth. However, things won’t go as intended, especially when the authenticity is forced out into the open, threatening Mon-El and Kara’s relationship. According to the teaser, in the next episode Teri Hatcher guest stars as a villain in the TV series. Subsequently, Winn (J. Jordan), and Lyra (T. Merchant) make things complicated for him in the eyes of the authority. Maggie (F.

Lima) works to help Winn out but ancient loyalties stop her. In the meantime, The Music Meister (D. Criss) hits Supergirl.

Episode 16 synopsis, news, and spoilers

The trailer for the next episode reveals that Mon-El’s royal dad and mom are coming to visit him in a strange spaceship. Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher are debuting through this new chapter, and they play a significant role in Mon-El's storyline this season. They both are debuting in the TV series as principal roles. As seen in the short teaser, Kara is in her complete Supergirl costume, attending a dinner with Mon-El and the above mentioned parents. Because the heavy family reunion seems to be the moment when Kara ultimately learns about Mon-El’s mystery, the Girl of Steel does not wait that long to face her Daxamite boyfriend for not being true to her.

“This changes everything,” a frustrated Kara says to Mon-El.

Recent interviews with the protagonists

In an interview with EW, Jeremy Jordan spoke about the Winn-Lyra storyline. He indicated that difficulties would arise the longer the couple stays together. Lyra has mysteries that will eventually be unveiled, putting her story with Winn at risk.

In a previous interview, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist spoke with EW about the "Glee" reunion. In fact, the trio (Gustin, Criss, and Benoist) are returning in a musical after a long time. The episode 16 of "Supergirl" Season 2 will air on The CW on Monday, March 20, at 8.00 pm EST.