The episode 13 of "Once Upon A Time" Season 6’, named “Ill-Boding Patterns,” will follow an imminent fight between Rumplestiltskin and Beowulf. In the meantime, Emma will confront with Gideon, who has returned to hunt her down. The teaser for this new installment reads: “Gideon (G. Matthey) continues his purpose to kill Emma (J. Morrison), so Gold (R. Carlyle) takes the initiative to defend Gideon from the contaminate of dark magic. In the meantime, Robin (S. Maguire) creates a mysterious alliance; Emma learns Hook's (C. O’Donoghue) been having a secret; and in a flashback, Beowulf (T.

Bjorklund) runs after Rumplestiltskin.”

Highlights and trailer episode 13

The next episode that is titled "Ill-Boding Patterns", will see Gold works to save Gideon (G. Matthey). Mr. Gold will be forced to support her, perform his prediction of becoming the Savior. In the meantime, Hookì fears that a person from his past will gain Emma (J. Morrison) reject his matrimony proposal. The episode 13 of "Once Upon a Time" will also highlight tense meeting between Hook and Emma as the Storybrooke Savior sees her beau's mystery. Hook will fight also with his choice to reveal that he murdered Robert (D. Cubitt) in the past. Despite perceiving that it might make a wedge in his relationship with Emma, Hook will courageously describe the said Savior about his position in her grandfather's death, according to spoilers of TV series published on Spoilers Guide.

Episode 13 preview and spoilers

The fantasy TV Series will cover up its Season 6 in April by entering a new character, to be performed by "The Walking Dead" alum A.J. West. The star is set to perform in the future finale as a guest actor, but features on his role are still being put under wraps. Though the new character only has a short role this season, he will become a principal character in the narrative of TV series because "Once Upon a Time" should get another full-season series on ABC.

The episode 13 of "Once Upon a Time" Series 6 will air on ABC on Sunday, March, 19 at 8.00 pm EST.