Last year MTV renewed horror hit "Scream" for a third season, yet recent announcements have the show returning with a twist. "Scream" is a television remake of the hit 1990's film franchise. The original film by Wes Craven starred Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and Jamie Kennedy. The film was a quick hit which led to two follow-up films, and then a fourth film reboot occurred in 2011 starring much of the original cast, but with new additions Emma Roberts and Anthony Anderson.

MTV brings back a slasher classic

"Scream" remade the concept of the original films via a masked killer that has an obsession for the lead, targeting her friends while stalking her.

The series featured no connections to the original films, but did contain call backs, as well as Easter eggs for several horror films. Season 2 left off with a two-part Halloween special that aired on MTV on October 18, and dug deeper into the Brandon James mythology, picking up where the official ending of the show revealed that the series lead discovered that her boyfriend was the deranged killer who was working with the season 1 killer the whole time (which is a nod to the first film). The special ended with a mysterious man going by "Mr. James" checking into a hotel.

MTV 'Scream' to reboot with season 3

For season 3, the MTV slasher series is searching for new showrunners. Season 1 showrunners Jill Blotevogal and Jaime Paglia were replaced by Michael Gans and Richard Register for the second season.

The new season was originally supposed to pick up where the Halloween special left off, picking up with the seeds planted. Though it was recently reported that MTV has changed their plans, and is considering rebooting the show when it returns with a six episode third season. The cast has already received permission to pursue other work.

Willa Fitzgerald (who plays the series lead, Emma) has signed on for Fox's in-process series adaptation "Behind Enemy Lines." This means that the new season will have no ties to the earlier ones, and will feature a new cast of characters. There is no word as to why MTV decided to reboot the series.

Will you tune in to MTV's "Scream" reboot?