Is Blac Chyna using her two kids to hold some authority or gain some control over Rob Kardashian and his family members? The first example is the most obvious and that is the custody battle that is brewing between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian over baby Dream.

People Magazine reports that “Rob wants dual custody of their child and Blac Chyna is giving pushback.” Rob's family is of course behind him and that leaves a thorn in the side of the mother of Rob's daughter. Is she using her mom status with King Cairo to get back at the Kardashians?

Rob and Kylie feel the wrath

Blac Chyna has a son with her ex, Tyga, who has been dating Kylie Jenner for some time now. Since her breakup with Rob, she won't let Kylie "hang" with her son, which can become a problem for Tyga.

'Savage move'

BET is reporting that "Blac Chyna reportedly made a savage move against Kylie Jenner" when she decided not to let her around her son. Considering that Kylie and Tyga are in a solid relationship, not being able to be around Chyna's son means she's blocking Kylie from spending time with King Cairo even when she is with Tyga, the boy's father.

Blood is thicker than water

It is reported that Blac Chyna is furious that Kylie is supporting Rob in his dual custody requests.

This is the Kardashian-Jenner family and anyone who has ever seen them in action via one of their many TV shows knows that they stick together. You might see tempers rise among the siblings when dealing with one another from time to time, but that's within the family. With that said, just let an outsider try something that would potentially hurt a family member and the Kardashian-Jenner clan bands together for the battle.

'Bad taste' in her mouth?

BET reports that a source conveys how Kylie's decision to stand by her brother in his custody battle has left "a bad taste in Chyna's mouth." An insider cites that "she refuses to let the family take her kids from her."

If these reports are correct, then this would mean that Chyna is asserting a little bit of power over some of the Kardashian-Jenner family members by controlling who sees her kids and when.

This is the same woman who tried to trademark her name as Angela Kardashian (Blac Chyna's real name is Angela) while engaged to Rob.

Kardashian trademark

The Kardashian family blocked her attempt to trademark a Kardashian name through the court and TMZ reports that even if she does marry Rob, the Kardashian family will not let Blac Chyna use the Kardashian name as a trademark. This may have derailed her plans for a marketing venture in the future.