Episode 12 of "Sleepy Hollow" Season 4, named “Tomorrow,” will show Team Witness as they try to help Ichabod from a harsh fate after he transformed into the Horseman of War. John Noble is also determined to return in the next installment. The teaser for episode 12 published online states: “A flash of the destiny reveals a dystopian world if Dreyfuss (J. Davies) comes to leadership. The Team Witness, having discovered more about Lara (S. Gabriel) in the process, now has a definite knowledge of what it will take to stop the billionaire psychotic.”

Plot and key points episode 11

The last episode of “Sleepy Hollow” Season 4 ended with some significant unexpected twists, all thanks to the appearance of Lara.

The end suddenly broke into the vault and tried to stop Malcolm Dreyfuss from implementing his diabolical project to rule the world. Interestingly, it turned out that Lara is really Molly Thomas from the future, showing that Diana Thomas (J. Gavankar) is designed to become the fourth Horseman. Things then took a surprising turn when Ichabod Crane (T. Mison) interrupted and took control for himself. The former insurgent warfighter is now the fourth horseman that Dreyfuss has resurrected. Hence, the latter’s project to bring the four horsemen of the apocalypse on Earth is now finished.

Episode 12 preview and spoilers

The next episode of "Sleepy Hollow," titled “Tomorrow,” will also follow Lara working alongside team spectators.

In her future, Malcolm is a dictator and democracy is dead. Presumably, Malcolm gave Diana the horseman of war and then became a supporter of her. Given that she did not grow up with a father, Dreyfuss easily used this inclination to get close to her. But she finally understood that he is not one of the good guys. "Like father, like son," he declares in the trailer.

This allowed Diana to discover who the man in front of them truly is. She explains that Henry is a little too old to be Ichabod's son. Episode 12 of "Sleepy Hollow" Season 4, named "Tomorrow," will air on Fox on Friday, March 24, at 9.00 pm EST.