The episode 6 of "Reign" Season 4, titled “Love and Death,” will follow Mary as she confronts serious political consequences of her decision to marry Lord Darnley. In the meantime, Charles will leave, and Catherine will have to deal with the result of his departure. The teaser for this new episode published on TV Guide states: “Mary's (A. Kane) possible marriage to Lord Darnley (W. Kemp) has political ends she must challenge. In the meantime, Charles (S. MacPherson) disappears, leaving Catherine (M. Follows) to control things; Elizabeth (R. Skarsten) supports Gideon (B.

Geurens), and an attractive proposition is presented to Claude (R. Williams).”

Plot and highlights episode 5

Mary, Queen of Scots and her people ultimately started taking Lord Darnley in this season of “Reign.” The latter worked bravely in a boxing match with a Scottish noble to demonstrate his loyalty to his fiancée and her citizens. The couple shared a romantic moment in the last chapter of the TV series. Unfortunately, the condition in French court depressed with rumors of King Charles threatening his govern. Towards the end the final installment, he decided to escape. The poor sovereign was not a necrophiliac or a vampire as many thought. Instead, he was only reliving the horrors he encountered in the woods while leaving the Red Knights.

Furthermore, Leith (J. Keltz) returned to the court of Paris to find Claude (R. Williams) married to Narcisse’s son Luc (S. Lund).

Episode 6 spoilers and trailer

In the next episode of "Reign" Season 4, Queen Mary faces a new obstacle as she forces for marriage with Lord Darnley. After settling himself in a fighting match at the Highland Games, Lord Darnley not only gets the support of the Scottish nobles by defeating Lord Taylor, he also obtained Mary.

The trailer for the episode 6 shows the two locking lips. As all this occurs, the new episode 6 of "Reign" will also show Catherine continue to clean up the confusion brought about by the eccentric behavior Charles has been showing.

The episode 6 of "Reign" Season 4 will air on Friday, March 24 at 9.00 pm EST on The CW.