scheana marie Shay is doing great after her divorce from Mike Shay. She has moved on and has actually found love again. Now Us Magazine shared that she is raving about her new boyfriend and how great she thinks he is for her. It sounds like she has found her match. At the iHeartRadio Awards on Sunday, March 5, Scheana Marie Shay talked about how things are going for her. now.

Scheana reveals details on her new relationship

She shared saying, "I’m really good, I’m in a very good place. Definitely better than I was last year, so, I’m really happy." Schena isn't sharing a ton of details about the new man in her life, but things are going well.

It even sounds like he will be on "Vanderpump Rules" next season if she has her way about it. She said, "He’s just an amazing person. Hopefully, we get picked up, and he films next season and you’ll get to see that." The fans would love to see him and get to know him better.

Now she did share that it will be totally up to him if he is on camera or not. If he wants to do it, Scheana Marie is game for it, but if he doesn't, she understands that, too. It will be his decision on what he wants to do if they are still together when it is time to start filming again. She shared that he doesn't have time for drama and has more than one job that keep him busy so he might not be on the show very much if he decides to do it.

Scheana Marie Shay is actually dating Amber Valletta’s 35-year-old brother, Robert Valletta. They met ten years ago when he was working the door at a club she was going to. Things weren't romantic back then, but they have known each other a while now. They actually did try out a date, but it just wasn't good timing for them.

Now Scheana and Robert are trying it again, and it looks like they were right to wait.

What do you think of Scheana Marie Shay's new man in her life? Do you think that he should join "Vanderpump Rules" next season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights on Bravo.