Legendary rocker and piano playing phenom Jerry Lee Lewis is suing his daughter Phoebe, accusing her and her husband of years of abuse while working as his manager from 2000-2012.

50's rock idol scammed out of $5 million

Jerry Lee has filed court documents, revealing that his daughter also kept him heavily sedated using a cocktail of potent psychotropic drugs. According to Fox News reports, Lewis, 81, describes in the legal docs that his daughter, while working as his manager at the time forced the aging rock and roller to endure long drawn out tours when he was very ill.

He also claims that Phoebe and her husband also kept him living in an unsuitable and dangerous mold-filled home, forcing him to wear an oxygen mask.

Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis forced to live in dangerous conditions

Lewis filed his suit originally against his son-in-law Ezekiel Loftin but just added his daughter Phoebe's name to the suit. Jerry Lee demands that the couple return the $5 million that they spent over the years on expensive cars, houses, and plastic surgeries. He also wants them to stop using his name and likeness immediately.

Lewis, is also known throughout the world by his nickname "The Killer" for his wild and crazy antics and energetic skill on the piano. He is best known musically for hit songs including, "Great Balls of Fire," "High School Confidential," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," "Breathless," and "Wild One" to name a few of his popular tunes.

Jerry Lee has been married seven times throughout his life. His third marriage drew much media attention after the singer married his 13-year-old cousin (once removed) Myra Gayle Brown. Myra is also the mother of two of the singer's children, including Phoebe. In 1989, actor Dennis Quaid starred as Lewis in a biographical film directed by Jim McBride."Great Balls of Fire" told the story of Lewis' early career and controversial marriage to Myra that led to his career downfall.

Jerry Lee Lewis' career at the time was predicted to have given Elvis Presley a very close run for the title of "King of Rock and Roll." The musical battle caused quite an uproar between the two singing idol's teenage fan bases in the mid to late 1950s.