Kailyn Lowry is between a rock and a hard place with the new pregnancy. She kept it a secret until someone leaked it to the press and then she gave an exclusive interview but chose not to reveal who fathered her third child. "Teen Mom 2" fans came out swinging, attacking her for the criticism she had of Jenelle Evans and the three baby daddies she had when now, she is in the exact same situation.

Meet Chris Lopez

It seems that Chris Lopez is the man who fathered Kailyn Lowry's baby. He has been dropping subtle hints on Twitter, and All About the Tea seems to be following him closely enough to call a spade a spade.

The idea that he considers himself a "hustler" leads to speculation he may have used the "Teen Mom 2" star. Did he really believe his seed inside of Lowry would be a "get rich quick" scheme? All signs point to him as the baby daddy, and he is all but confirming it as the truth.

Everything has changed for Kailyn Lowry now that she has confirmed she is pregnant. So many people lost respect for her after she announced it because of the way she handled things with Javi Marroquin. The former spouses lost a baby due to miscarriage in December 2015 and it was hard on them both. It was the final straw that ended up taking them to talk about divorce. Lowry swore she didn't want more children after that and Marroquin was dead set on having a another baby.

When he found out she was pregnant again, is reaction was what anyone would expect. The fact that Kailyn has not revealed her baby daddy has bothered him even more.

How will this affect filming?

Right now, nothing has changed with "Teen Mom 2" and Kailyn Lowry filming. The baby daddy has not been included in anything and she admitted that she was not sure how much he would even be involved.

While Lowry has tried to play off the fact that this pregnancy was shocking, she isn't doing a very good job. She commented that it was planned, though no one really believes that. If Chris Lopez did indeed get Kailyn pregnant to make money, not confirming he is the father isn't doing him any favors.