On "Vanderpump Rules, everyone gets to see the way that Jax Taylor treats Brittany Cartwright. These two seem like a great match, but he isn't always nice to her. Now Jax is speaking out and says that he sees it too and he is admitting that he is hard on her.

Jax sees the way he acts on television

On a recent edition of the "Pump Rules Podcast," jax taylor spoke out about what he sees in himself on television. Jax revealed saying, "I’m trying to work on that because I know. I watch back the episodes. If anything, I learn a lot from the show." Jax also sees that his behavior isn't great all the time.

He went on to say, "I do have to be careful with the way I talk to Brittany sometimes. I do get a little too intense."

When Jax Taylor talked to Brittany Cartwright about paying for her boob job, he made it very clear that he was getting what he wanted and not what she wanted since he was the one paying for it. This was just one example of a time that everyone saw the way Jax treated her. Their entire relationship isn't caught on camera, but you know they end up catching a lot of it.

Brittany Cartwright has made it very clear that marriage is what she wants in the long run. Jax has said that he could see it going there at some point, but right now the two are not even engaged. As soon as Brittany moved to LA, she started living with Jax, and they have been together all the time ever since.

Brittany has been on the last two season of "Vanderpump Rules" with Jax since they started dating. The rumors have been flying that they are even getting their own spin-off show, but they haven't admitted to it at this time. The fans would love to see a show about them. The rumors are that this show will happen in Kentucky, where she is actually from.

Are you shocked to hear that Jax Taylor admits that he is a bit harsh on Brittany Cartwright sometimes? Do you think that he has finally found the girl for him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights on Bravo.