When Donald Trump made it clear that he was running for president, it didn't take long for the majority of Hollywood to speak out. In the weeks since Trump was sworn into office, many celebrities have increased their attack on the president, including actor and director Rob Reiner.

Reiner on Trump

Starting from the early days of his campaign, Donald Trump pushed controversial policies and used rhetoric that many have not been happy about. Whether it's his plans on immigration, economics, or domestic issues, a large portion of Americans have made their opposition clear, including Hollywood stars who have used their popularity to criticize the former host of "The Apprentice." As the growing scandal involving Russian and the White House continues, Trump has done his best to deflect the issue back to the Democrats, including former President Barack Obama.

This topic, and more, were highlighted during the March 5 edition of "AM Joe w/Joy Reid" on MSNBC.

Joining MSNBC host Joy Reid was Rob Reiner who made sure not to hold back his thoughts about Donald Trump. "We don't have anybody at the helm of our country right now," Reiner said. "I hate to say it, we don't want to use the word mentally ill, but he is mentally unstable this man," Reiner continued, before asking, "who is going to take charge here when the next attack (happens)?"

"If the first attack, which was going into our elections which we know happened, if it had been that a bomb blew up in New York, everybody would be going crazy," Rob Reiner went on to say, "that's what happened!" "He blew up something, and now he could blow more stuff up," Reiner continued, before concluding, "we've got to make sure that our country is stable, and right now it's not stable."

Reiner's history

This isn't the first time that Rob Reiner has come out in opposition to Donald Trump as the veteran actor has used his social media accounts to regularly criticize the billionaire real estate mogul.

Reiner, who is an acclaimed director, first made a name for himself playing the role of Mike "Meathead" Stivic on the hit show "All in the Family," where he played the liberal son-in-law of conservative Archie Bunker.