With just one week to go before Nick Viall hands out his final rose, fans are wondering if the spoilers will turn out to be true or if we're all in for a big surprise when the finale airs on March 13. Now that ABC has spilled the beans that Rachel Lindsay is going to be the next "Bachelorette," it's clear that Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates are Nick's final two girls but did Reality Steve get it right about who Nick rejects at the final rose ceremony and who he proposes to?

In his latest blog post, Reality Steve shares an update about not only the outcome of the show but about Nick's current relationship status.

Keep in mind, he's been wrong before (Ali Fedotowski, Desiree Hartsock, and both of Brad Womack's seasons) so fans won't be 100 percent sure about how Nick's season ends until it airs next Monday night.

Nick's final rose

Weeks before the season premiere aired on ABC, Steve confirmed that Nick proposed to Vanessa when the finale was filmed in Finland last November. Although she questioned his intentions several times throughout the season, Steve is confident that fans will see Nick get down on one knee and ask Vanessa to marry him.

Steve's latest update reveals that Nick and Vanessa are still engaged and he expects them to appear on "The Bachelor: After the Final Rose" special that airs right after the season finale on March 13.

However, their relationship may not last long, something that shouldn't be a big shocker to fans who know that the distance between the couple is just one thing that may lead to the end of their engagement.

No wedding bells?

Fans who are hoping to see Nick and Vanessa get married on an ABC TV special may want to find something else to wish for.

Vanessa lives (and works) in Montreal and Nick currently lives in L.A. where he spends his days rehearsing for the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars."

The distance, Nick's desire to stay in the spotlight, and Vanessa's love for her home, family, and job are on the short list of reasons why Nick's fourth shot at finding love could turn out to be a big fail.