David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper on the popular Netflix show “Stranger Things,” is in talks to play Cable in the new “Deadpool 2” movie. Cable is a huge role for the “Deadpool” movie franchise because Cable and Deadpool have a very popular friendship in the comics that acts much like a standard funny guy and straight man routine. Cable is often the butt of Deadpool's jokes, with Cable getting jabs of his own at the crimson mercenary with a mouth, and their friendship feels natural and hilarious. Also, Cable was created by Rob Liefeld, who is also the same person that created the Deadpool comic.

Both characters have a rich friendship in the comics that spans multiple titles and even saw them with their own comic book title at one point.

Who is Cable?

Cable is a time traveling mutant that is also the son of famous X-men member Cyclops. He comes from a very twisted future, so his inclusion could mean some interesting things for “Deadpool 2.” The casting of Cable has been under extreme scrutiny due to his important role in the “Deadpool” franchise and story. Director Tim Miller reportedly wanted to cast “Bloodline” star Kyle Chandler as Cable, but ultimately Miller left the project after Ryan Reynolds disagreed with the casting choice. David Leitch, from “John Wick,” will helm the feature film in place of Miller.

The search for cable

Cable and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld recently gave a ringing endorsement to Russell Crowe on Twitter, who responded with a ringing endorsement of his own. However, now David Harbour is apparently being eyed closely for the role of the time traveling mutant. Harbour is no stranger to drama or comedy with a strong role in Netflix's “Stranger Things” and he is confirmed to be returning for season two of the hit show.

Harbour'ing a good Cable

David Harbour as Cable, with Ryan Reynolds' endorsement of course, could potentially be a very smart casting choice for the growing franchise. Harbour is not as known as Russell Crowe, but at the same time he has popularity from his stint on “Stranger Things.” He would be a fresh face for the big screen and he would assuredly meld well with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Fans are championing for this casting, so only time will tell who will play Cable. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are writing the film with no release date announced yet, so expect a lot of wheels to start moving once Cable has been finally cast.

A spin-off film?

Moreover, Cable could also presumably receive his own spin-off film, if his debut in “Deadpool 2” is up to par, so his casting is imperative. Expect an official announcement on the casting for Cable soon as the movie starts to begin the gears of production. A release date is not yet announced, but expect an immediate announcement once Cable has been cast. The fact that both Ryan Reynolds and Fox films are paying close attention to the development of this film is a heartwarming sign that the fun-loving, carefree spirit of the original will not be lost.