The episode 17 of "Grey’s Anatomy" Season 13ì, titled “Till I Hear It From You,” is set to show Owen and Amelia as they fight while working on a case together. In the meantime, Bailey will attempt to restore her relationship with Richard.

The teaser for the next episode highlights Diane's return. It can be remembered that she has already shown up in an earlier chapter of season 13. However, she came in unannounced this moment and it doesn't sit well with Maggie.

Highlights and plot episode 16

On the last episode 16 of "Grey's Anatomy", viewers saw Jackson Avery (J.

Williams), and April Kepner (S. Drew) traveling to Montana for a difficult surgery needed by a patient. April had to do anything for Jackson to focus on what he was doing because he appeared to be agitated about something. It was later explained that Jackson saw his father and unable to tell April right away because his father doesn't know him.

On the next installment, it has been published that the plot will turn to Meredith Grey (E. Pompeo) and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson). Promotional trailer and photos have already been officially released and spoilers reported that one of those consists more relationship drama concerning the two figures.

Episode 17 preview and spoilers

On the upcoming episode of "Grey's Anatomy", named "Till I Hear it From You," Meredith is finally getting a step ahead with Nathan.

As seen from the trailer of episode 17, Meredith decides to get Nathan's attention by facing him. It seems to have worked because later on, Nathan invites Meredith out on a date, to which she happily replied yes to.

The synopsis of "Till I Hear It From You" also indicates that there will be growing pressure between Owen (K.McKidd) and Amelia (C.

Scorsone). Many spoilers reported that the duo will be seen attending a patient with a traumatic situation jointly.

But instead of the situation bringing balance in their lives, they may land up having a bigger case. The episode 17 of "Grey’s Anatomy" Season 13 will air on Thursday, March 23, at 8.00 pm EST on ABC.