Dean Israelite's Superhero movie "power rangers" was released in theaters all around the United States and Canada on March 24, 2017. A reboot which features all the characters of the original "Power Rangers" television series, this film has reportedly failed to meet the expectations and has finally turned out as a sadistic, and incompetent reboot which will provide you nothing other than a mere headache. The lead star cast in this movie include Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Bill Hader and Bryan Cranston.

A reboot which failed to recreate the magic of its original

The basic attraction of the "Power Rangers" television series was its camp factor; the ultimate fun of watching teenagers jumping around in stylish spandex suits, fighting against baddies and bringing goodness to the society. The modern "Power Rangers" movie is wrapped with a stylish outer cover, but if you look closely, the wacky script and pathetic performance from the lead stars will make this movie a forgettable experience.

The original "Power Rangers" television series never had a backdrop story of the main characters, but when it comes to the new movie, director Dean Israelite has tried to give backstories to the teenage heroes.

The director spent most of the running time to introduce the characters, and the initial 30 minutes of the film revolves around the factors which made the teenage team unite as a Superhero brigade. Most of the action starts in the second half, but these sequences failed to make a mark with the audience. The proceedings are jarring at times; the gritty and silly screenplay can be blamed for this flaw.

Box-office predictions

"Power Rangers" will be competing with "Life" and "CHiPs" at the United States box-office. As the "Beauty and the Beast" is still going strong in the theaters, "Power Rangers" is expected to gross somewhere around $30-35 million in its opening weekend.

The reviews surrounding the movie are mostly negative, and it is expected to impact its theatrical collections adversely in the coming days.