''Wilson'', the comedy drama movie directed by Craig Johnson has created lots of curiosity in the minds of film buffs from the date of its announcement; thanks to its unique title which carries the name of the titular character played by Woody Harrelson. The role of Harrelson is strange in nature, a lonely neurotic divorcee who someone would call a misanthrope. In the course of time, Wilson reunites with his estranged wife, and the middle-aged man then realizes that he has a teenage daughter whom he has never met. Now, the aging dad and mom set out on a journey to connect with their daughter.

Johnson's impeccable portrayal as 'Wilson.'

Johnson delivers most of the part for the movie, and as a misanthrope, he pulled out the role convincingly. Even the film's heart was not beating; it was the performance of Johnson which saved the sinking ship. Some scenes which portrayed Wilson striving for salvation was a real treat to watch, and the 55-year-old actor deserves a special round of applause for this effort. Harrelson's eyes spoke a lot throughout this movie, and it conveyed his desperation to create a brighter future for himself. Toxic relationships and bad choices have completely shattered the past of Wilson, and now, he is eyeing for a change which is colorful.

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The complete verdict

"Wilson" cannot be considered a great movie. But it has some rare and beautiful moments, and the main reason which makes audiences watch this flick is the spectacular performance of Johnson Harrelson. With an old style of filmmaking, "Wilson" would have been emerged as a blockbuster if it was released twenty years back.

Expected box-office revenue

Most of the reviews surrounding the movie are negative, and the box-office prediction of the film is not that bright. By the end of its opening weekend, this movie is expected to collect around $6 million. With "Beauty and the Beast" still going strong, the film will compete with Daniel Espinosa's "Life" that released today in the United States.