Niantic has finally revealed that there are going to be three new big updates coming to "Pokemon Go." They haven't actually told us what they are but they said that they are trying to bring people back to the game. Here are all the possibilities that could be coming in the update!


People have speculated that breeding will be one of the updates because next to all the Pokemon's names there is a gender and sometimes the gender does affect what it looks like. People say that breeding will be the first update because it will allow people to breed their Pokemon and also make the game more interesting and bring more people back to the game.

Generation 3

A lot of people expect generation 3 to be the second update coming up. They think that because Niantic will want to spread the updates all over 2017, the generation 3 update will be available by the summer which will allow everyone to play and go outside. People suggest that Niantic won't add it after the summer because then people will start to "spoof" which means to kind of hack into their location and go anywhere in the world.

PvP Battling

People say that PvP Battling will be the third update coming up. This is also better than Gym Battles because the Pokemon you are fighting against won't be a computer, and PvP Battling will make people dodge and use more skills!

Legendary Pokemon

Though Niantic said there would be three big updates coming up, one of the possibilities can be Legendary Pokemon. This will make the higher people happy and will allow them to go out and find more Pokemon. This will also add more Pokemon to the game, which can help if they don't add generation 3.


Another possibility could be trading.

This will allow people who have bad luck to trade with friends. This will make people happy because if your friend has two of the same Pokemon that you don't have, you can trade with him for something else. These are all the possibilities that Niantic is thinking to add to the game. Here is a video with more information.