Niantic's "Pokemon Go" has become really popular in the mobile industry and it's really rare if you haven't heard of the game. If you aren't an expert on "Pokemon Go" or just don't want to watch every "Pokemon" episode you can still have fun with "Pokemon Go"! If you just want to learn more about the game really quick then you came to the right place.


"Pokemon Go" is a location-based game in which the players of the game use their mobile's "GPS" to find, capture, fight, and train all types of "Pokemon". When you start the game, you are first required to create an account.

When you create your account then you can personalize your character however you like. The avatar is then displayed on the screen in a geographical form of your actual location and the avatar will move only if your device moves!

PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms

The game's purpose is for everyone to get up and walk around and don't stay at home all the time. Once you start moving you will find "PokeStops" and "Pokemon Gyms" around your city. "PokeStops" are real-world locations where you can find "Poke Balls" and other items. The "PokeStop" will change its shape when you come close to it if you click on it while close you can spin the disc to get items! It will then change its color and you won't be able to spin the disc for another five minutes.

"Pokemon Gyms" are also real-world locations in which you battle with your team, you can strengthen your team if you are on the same team as the gym or decreased the gym's power if you are in another team color. You can train a "Pokemon" at one of your team's gyms to increase the gym's prestige level. During a battle, you can dodge by swiping left or right.

Leveling up

It's not that hard to level up in "Pokemon Go". Capturing "Pokemon" and battling in gyms can all give you experience somehow. With every catch, you earn a minimum of 100xp, but with the new updates, on you first catch of the day you earn more experience! On the first day streak, you earn a minimum of 500xp and 600 "stardust".

On the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth day, you earn the same as the first day but once you come on the seventh day you get a boost of 2500xp and 3000 "stardust" which can really help new players!

Coming up

On "Pokemon Day" (February 27) there will be a special treat Niantic will give to all players and that is that there will be a special "Pikachu" that will appear all over the world for everyone to be able to unlock him! The special "Pikachu" will have party hats which they will have forever, but they can only be found during this limited-time celebration!