"clash royale" -- Supercell's newest game, is going to have an upcoming Balance Update really soon, on Monday, February 13th. In this balance update, we are expecting the Executioner to get a nerf, meaning that we want him to be less powerful because he is used in almost every deck. When the balance update comes, it's not only going to be about the Executioner, but also other cards like the Witch, P.E.K.K.A, Baby Dragon, and more!

Upcoming nerfs

When the balance update goes live, the Executioner will have his damage be reduced by 6%, his range is going to decrease to 4.5 tiles from 5, and his axe's hit radius will be reduced by 10%.

So, clearly, we can see that the Executioner will be getting a huge nerf to balance "Clash Royale" more.

Skeleton army is also getting a nerf, but not as big as the Executioner's nerf. The Skeleton army will lose a Skeleton, which will be going to go to the normal Skeleton card, making him the 4th Skeleton. The Poison card will be the only Spell card changed in this balance update. Poison's duration will be decreased to 8 seconds from 10. However, to make it more balanced, it will do 24% more damage per second.

Upcoming buffs

The Witch will be getting a buff, meaning it will be stronger. The Witch's damage will increase by 6% because she is barely used in higher Arenas, and even challenges. Similar to the Witch, P.E.K.K.A is underused, so to make her feel more use-worthy, her deploy time will decrease to 1 second from 3, that way she can attack and move faster than before!

The Dark Prince has been considered a low-tier card for months, as his stats are not good when compared to the other 4 Elixir cards. So, to make him more useable, his health will be increased by 5%. The Baby Dragon is an iconic card which isn’t used a lot. Increasing his attack range from 3 to 3.5 tiles should make him more appealing. The Skeleton card will be getting a buff by receiving an extra Skeleton from the Skeleton Army. Watch the video below for more information about these updates: