The episode 5 of "Reign" Season 4, named “Highland Games,” will show Lord Darnley as he tries to demonstrate his loyalty to Mary in order to persuade her to join him. In the meantime, Narcisse and Catherine will operate on restoring Charles’ honor after news of his way approach his hold on French kingshiè. The teaser for “Highland Games” published on TV Guide states, “Lord Darnley (W. Kemp) must declare himself to Mary (A. Kane) with the purpose of getting her to accept his wedding proposal. Subsequently, Narcisse (C. Parker) and Catherine (M. Follows) have to do lost control after rumors spread concerning Charles' (S.

McPherson) strange style.”

Highlights and plot of episode 4

The last episode, titled "Playing with Fire," was when Darnley met Mary for the first time while she was on holiday with her friend, Lady Greer (C. Sinden). She was having her time with Greer when the man quickly showed up. He asked for her hand in a wedding right away with the goal of running together for the throne and maintain their lineage.

The trailer for episode 5 shows Lord Darnley going into a fistfight while a group of men cheers them on. "How are we to think you won't side with Elizabeth to protect your own skin," one of Mary's loyal vassals asks Darnley. An angry Darnley responds, "I cannot allow you to insult my name or my reputation," while Mary looks on perplexed and apparently looking for answers as well.

Episode 5 spoilers and preview

The promo for the episode 5 also showed that Narcisse and Catherine would do all in their capacity to cover King Charles' unseemly and strange behavior that may develop into a potential menace to the throne. The two will try to save his reputation with the beliefs of suppressing his ghastly act.

Fans would have to expect to find out how Lord Darnley will prove in the fight to win Mary's heart as the show is canceled this week to make a place for the two-hour end episode of "The Vampire Diaries" this Friday. It will be exciting to see what Lord Darnley has to bring to the table in the next episode. He must demonstrate his loyalty when she reveals her interests about his true purposes in order to get her to accept his proposal of marriage.

The episode 5 of "Reign" Season 4 will air on The CW on Friday, March 17, at 9.00 pm EST.