Hey, "Homeland" fans. We recently got some new, very vague and very short spoiler teasers for the upcoming episode 8 of season 6 of your favorite show from the Showtime folks by way of Trakt.tv. It sounds like we're going to see some intriguing stuff, take place when Carrie and Saul come up with some new evidence. We'll also see Quinn in action,tracking down a mark.

It's "Alt.Truth"

We got a unique title on deck for this one as the producers decided to label it: " Alt.Truth." According to their official teaser synopsis, we're going to see Keane get some new evidence at some point.

They didn't indicate exactly what this evidence is, leaving us to wonder what the hell it'll be. However, they did tell us that Saul and Carrie will be the ones to present this new intel to Keane.

What Keane will do with it, is also going to be a big question for this storyline. Hopefully, they'll get to that in this episode. Also, we might get to see some early spoiler footage of that when Showtime drops their usual three spoiler clips after episode 7 airs tonight. They're going to release them on their official Youtube channel, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for those important clips as they'll most certainly give away more details than this extremely vague synopsis.

He's found it

Lastly, they tell us that we're going to see Quinn, doing his thing, tracking down a mark.

What will Quinn do from here? What does this all mean for him, moving forward? We look forward to seeing how all of that will eventually play out. Alright, everyone. That is all we have for this episode at the moment. We're sorry we couldn't get more for you, but that's how the cards are dealt sometimes.

Some meetup activities

We did get a look at some promotional photos for the episode, and they showed Carrie, looking pretty intense in one of the scenes. Saul was spotted, meeting up with Keane and Rob Emmons in one of them. Actually, both Carrie and Saul are spotted in a couple of different scenes, so we should see a lot screentime for them. One other thing, they confirmed that episode 8 is, indeed, due to hit the airwaves next Sunday night, March 12th, 2017 at 9pm eastern standard time on Showtime. Stay tuned.