Hey, "Homeland" fans. The wonderful people over at Showtime, recently served up a few ,short spoiler teases for the upcoming episode 7 of the current season 6. Lets see here. They gave us a little insight into three storylines that will be going on. It sounds like things will get pretty intense for Carrie, because she's supposed to get some very bad news, directed her way at some point. We're going to see Quinn, finally acknowledge what his current situation is, and more.

It's "Imminent Risk"

They also delivered up a title for this one. They felt that the name: "Imminent Risk" would be quite fitting for this episode.

According to their official teaser synopsis, we're going to see a pretty intense-sounding situation take place as they tell us that Carrie is going to, somehow, become privy to some information or news that will not be anywhere near delightful. In fact, they just come right and tell us that, yes, it's some bad, freaking news. Other than that, we have no other intel as Showtime didn't reveal anything else about that storyline. So, we're left with the questions: what will this horrific news be? How will Carrie respond to it? It should give us some very interesting scenes to look forward to.

He has something brewing

Next, we learn that we're going to see some more scenes that involve Saul at some point.

Apparently, he's going to be busy, cooking up some sort of plan. Again, they kept this one very short and vague, so all we know is that there's going to be a plan that Saul is working. We just don't know what this plan will be, or if it will work. Nothing. Hopefully, we'll be able to get some more intel when Showtime drops the new spoiler clips for it later on, tonight.

Quinn comes to the light

Lastly, they gave us this last teaser that reveals we'll be seeing some more of Quinn in action. It turns out that he's going to finally acknowledge what his particular situation is whatever that may be. They left us hanging on that one too. They didn't elaborate about what his situation is or anything.

So, we're left to wonder what will this mean for Quinn? What will he do, moving forward? We'll just have to wait and see.

Alright, so that's going to wrap things up for this session, but again, we should be seeing some new spoilery intel, come through for this one in the spoiler clips later on, tonight, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those on the show's official Youtube channel. We can also confirm that episode 7 is due to show up next Sunday night, March 5th,2017 at 9pm eastern standard time on Showtime. Stay tuned.