Hey, "Empire" fans. Welcome back from that super long Winter Break. Now, it's time to get busy with some new spoiler intel. We've got the official synopsis for the upcoming episode 12 from the FOX press folks. They sound really interesting too, because we've got Hakeem's birthday party, taking a shocking turn! Tariq causes Anika to have to make a very serious decision that could really change her life, and more!

It's "Strange Bedfellows"

They also gave us a title for this thing. It's labeled: "Strange Bedfellows." According to their official synopsis, we're going to see some very interesting Angelo and Cookie action as they tell us that he's going to stumble upon a discovery that they're describing as being "unsettling." It's going to cause him to be concerned that Cookie's past might actually still be apart of her present life, which could, most certainly, damage his campaign of becoming the new Mayor.

What could this big discovery be? Will this cause these two to finally split ways? Those are a couple of big questions for this situation.

Tariq sets it up

Next, they revealed that we're going to see Tariq show up on the scene at one point to show Anika what he's really after. And whatever the hell this is, it's going to leave Anika in the very sticky position of having to make a choice that could totally change her life. What does Tariq reveal to her? What's this big life-changing decision that Anika will have to make? Unfortunately, they didn't give that away in this press release, but it definitely sounds crazy intriguing. We definitely look forward to seeing how this storyline plays out.

Hakeem's birthday bash gets startled

Lastly, we've got this final teaser that reveals, we're going to see some Hakeem birthday party action. Apparently, it's his 21st birthday party. However, it sounds like something crazy might happen as they tell us that a very unexpected twist will come into play during this event. What could this surprise twist be?

Will it result in a negative outcome? One thing's for sure, we should get some good scenes of it. Also, according to the guest star list, we'll be seeing more of actress, Rumer Willis, in action as character, Tory Ash. What will she be up to? We'll just have to wait and see. We can also confirm that episode 12 is due to air next Wednesday night, April 5th, 2017 at 8pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.