Hey, "The Bachelor 2017" fans. We've got a very revealing promo/spoiler clip (below) on deck for you guys, straight from ABC for the upcoming finale episode 12. It looks very interesting as we see Vanessa, showing some serious doubts at one point. Nick's father gives the ladies a huge dose of reality, and more.

Snowy skylines

In the new clip, they start out showing the beautiful, snowy skyline of where ever they're at in this one. Then we see Nick, talking again about how he came there to find a love that he's never felt before. A love that has the strength to last a lifetime.

Oh, so beautiful and cheesy as F. Anyways, he goes on to say that he's actually in love with both of his final, two picks, which are: Raven and Vanessa. We also get a brief look at the two ladies, just sitting and pondering, what have they gotten themselves into.

Ice skating and hugs

Next, we get a scene that shows a very happy Raven, running to give Nick to give him a hug in the freaking cold snow. From there, they show them actually ice-skating ,out there, instead of trying to get inside somewhere where it's freaking warm. They appear to be having a really great time despite, totally freezing their butts off. Apparently, Raven really likes dogs, because she's spotted with more of them than she can handle in one of the scenes.

Riding horses

After the Raven stuff, they show us footage of Nick, kicking it with Vanessa. They appear to have a really good time, going horseback riding. She tells the private cams that she's so in love with Nick, and that he's always what she wanted in a future husband, so it sounds like he really worked some magic on her.

Next, we get some more kissing scenes. After all that, we see Nick, expressing how getting rejected twice, really hurt him a lot and that he's very scared it will happen again. In other words, he needs to see somebody about this.

Vanessa shows doubts

Then we get a scene where Vanessa starts saying, she's not sure she's ready to accept Nick's possible proposal, because she's not comfortable with the idea of just being slightly better than someone else.

In other words, she thinks way too highly of herself. Anyways, she goes on to complain about things shifting for her and that she might not get the answers she's seeking. Wow, Nick might just get rejected ,again, the way she's talking.

The parents

We also get footage of Nick, talking with his parents about this whole process again, and you can just tell that they've ,pretty much, had enough of this franchise, and are really worried that Nick is going to come up short again. Both the ladies are seen, talking with Nick's dad at one point. He seemed very knowledgeable. Lots of tears are shed too. We also see Nick give Vanessa and answer that she really doesn't like. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned.