Hey, "Bachelor 2017." Yep, we're finally about to reach the end of the road with next week's finale episode 12, and we've definitely got the ultimate spoiler that beats out all the other spoilers, straight from our trusty source, Reality Steve. And that great spoiler is, who Nick finally picks to be his future bride! The final show is also going to feature the last two dates, meeting Nick's family, and more.

Meeting is family

Steve didn't supply any specifics on the final two dates,so we'll just go over how the final episode will play out, based on how previous seasons have gone.

Basically, they'll begin, showing us footage of each of the two girls, separately showing up to meet Nick's family, so they can get a feel for each of the two ladies, and advise Nick about what they think to supposedly help guide him in the right direction during this final, very crucial stage.

They get one last shot

Then after all that goes down, we'll be shown individual footage of Nick, taking his final two women, which are: Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates, on dates. We're sure that these will be very romantic dates even though we don't have any specific details about them. After we get through seeing all of that, we'll probably see more footage of Nick, supposedly struggling to figure out who he should pick and what not.

They might even toss in some possibilities of him, contemplating not picking anyone at all.

Vanessa is reportedly the one

However, when all is said and done, Reality Steve has gone on record that he's 100 percent sure that Nick is going to send Raven home in tears and put a great big smile on Vanessa's face by picking her. Yep, Steve is claiming that Nick is currently engaged to Vanessa.

After the big reveal, we'll see them, probably doing some hugging and kissing during that real cheesy moment at the end. You all know how it goes.

"After The Final Rose" festivities

Next, they'll send us right into the big "After The Final Rose" live show where we'll get interviews with Nick and Vanessa, and everyone else that participated in this season's show.

We'll possibly see a bitter Raven, show up to confront Nick about his decision to go with Vanessa over her, because you know they've just got to do that everytime. It'll be a very lively night. I'm sure of it. Also, we might see host ,Chris Harrison, give Rachel Lindsay a special interview since it's already been revealed that she's going to be our new Bachelorette for the upcoming 2017 edition, which is set to start airing at the end of May 2017 sometime.

Alright guys. That's it. We should see a new promo/spoiler clip later on tonight, which shows us extra details about the final dates, so definitely keeps your eyes peeled for that. The finale is confirmed to air next Monday night, March 13th, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.