When "Bachelor" Nick Viall found out that contestant Liz Sandoz talked about their one-night stand, he questioned if she was on the show for the right reasons and promptly sent her home. And now the 29-year-old doula is breaking her silence about her appearance on the show and it's clear that she has no regrets.

Liz made Nick extremely uncomfortable when she hinted at their pre-show relationship during the Week 2 Museum of Broken Relationships group date — mostly because he was worried about the other girls finding out about their one-night stand at Jade and Tanner's wedding.

Perhaps Nick was protecting himself because he didn't want to appear to be a guy who sleeps around, but now that filming is over any of the girls who read Reality Steve's blog will find out that Nick has slept with at least seven girls from "The Bachelor" franchise, so his fling with Liz is the least of his concerns.

Although Nick wasn't happy when he found out Liz shared the details of their hotel room hookup with contestant Christen Whitney, Liz doesn't apologize for her fling with Nick and her time on the show, as evidenced by her recent post on Instagram that is captioned "unapologetically myself." Whether she came on the show to see if a future with Nick was possible or simply just to go on TV, does it really matter?

Many of the girls who were contestants on the show will be selling FabFitFun boxes and teeth whitening products to their social media followers in the coming weeks, so is anyone really there for the "right reasons"?

Liz took a risk

Props to Liz Sandoz for taking a risk and going on "The Bachelor," where producers have edited the best of contestants and turned them into villains (remember Olivia Caridi from Ben's season?).

The hashtags she used in the caption of her Instagram pic (risk, love, live free, untamed) speak volumes about her true intentions on the show. And Nick should know a thing or two about true intentions — after all, he went on TV to find his soulmate not once, but three times before becoming "The Bachelor."

"Bachelor in Paradise" next?

Liz, who served as maid of honor at Jade and Tanner's wedding, may not have filming another reality TV show on her mind right now, but Tanner seems to think that she should consider joining the cast of "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer.

His comment on her Instagram (@esandoz) post said, "Good job last night Liz. Tough situation but you stayed true to yourself. Better see you on paradise now."

If Liz Sandoz does end up in "Paradise," let's just hope that Nick doesn't find it necessary to go back on TV for a fifth shot at finding love because that would be totally awkward — can you say, "right reasons?"