Alec Baldwin has decided not to impersonate President Donald Trump much longer. His time on "Saturday Night Live" has been great, but it is almost up. Presidents have always been good material for comics, but Baldwin said he doesn't know how much more viewers can take of seeing him talk and act like the president. Baldwin doesn't know if anyone else will do what he has done for months, but he thinks people have had enough. The actor thinks it is time for him to take off the blond wig.

'Saturday Night Live'

Alec Baldwin began impersonating Donald Trump last October on "Saturday Night Live" when the Republican nominee was on the campaign trail.

At the time, the actor thought it was going to be a temporary assignment, but it has lasted into Trump's presidency. As a candidate, Trump tweeted that Baldwin’s impersonation stinks.

Baldwin’s impersonations have been a hit on "Saturday Night Live," though Trump has tweeted many times about his dislike of the skits. From the very beginning, Trump tweeted derogatory things about Baldwin's performances and he has always insisted that the 58-year-old actor wasn't funny. With Trump’s unexpected win, Baldwin has continued to impersonate Trump. The last time Baldwin did an impersonation was on February 11 when he hosted the show.

White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Donald Trump has already said he will not attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 29.

When Baldwin was asked if he would impersonate the president in his absence, the actor was quick to say that he will not do it. He added that he didn't think anybody would. Also, that it just would not be the same if Trump himself were not there at the event.

It is obvious that Baldwin and Trump are not fond of each other. Baldwin doesn't approve of Trump’s performance as president, and Trump isn't pleased with Baldwin's impersonations of him. Baldwin describes Trump as bitter and angry and says even though he won the election, he acts as if he lost. Besides, he lacks sportsmanship.