Mama June Shannon was not kidding when she made the claims that she was going to amaze and shock her fans when her revenge body transformation was revealed.

Mama June: Will she get the revenge she is looking for?

While the total end result of Mama June's figure has not yet been totally revealed, new footage released of the reality star heading off to the gym for a workout does reveal she is considerably smaller than she was. On Shannon's new WEtv reality series "Mama June: From Not to Hot" it was revealed that June is not too happy with the news that her ex-husband (and Honey Boo Boo's dad) Sugar Bear has decided to get remarried.

Reality series documents serious weight-loss journey

June claimed it was not because she was jealous, but she wants to let Sugar Bear see and know firsthand just how hot she can be and what he is missing out on. She wants the total "revenge body." In Friday's upcoming episode peek clip, June is seen chatting with 11-year-old Alana who wants her mama to come shopping with her and soon-to-be stepmom Jennifer for flower girl dresses because she does not feel comfortable going alone.

Alana's mom is not happy that Jennifer called Alana instead of her to discuss the shopping trip. Since Honey Boo Boo wants June to go along (which is fine with Mama June, especially since she claims she was not going to let that happen anyway).

"I don't know why Jennifer would call an 11-year-old and not me," she says while talking to the camera."I mean, what type of woman does that? Is she that scared of me?"

From the way Mama June's figure is looking so far, it looks as if Jennifer could have a legit fear. Reports reveal that the reality star has been extremely serious about her figure transformation and is not about to let anything or anyone stand in the way of her goals.

June's daughters Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin have revealed that hair and teeth are not the only big changes for Mama June, she will have reached a size four by the end of the season.

Curious fans are tuning in not only to see Mama June reach her size four goals but also to seek some inspiration for the amazing accomplishments June has reached.

It truly is an amazing thing going from 460 pounds to a size four. Despite having surgeries along the way, Shannon deserves major props for putting in all the hard work and necessary changes to lead a healthier life.

What are your thought's on her figure to date?