All those who scoffed at Mama June's weight loss claims can shut their mouths, says the ex-star of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." The Georgia mom promises she's "the sh*t" after a massive makeover, including weight loss surgery. What's the reality television star's secret? All will be revealed on her new show "Mama June: From Not to Hot" airing Feb. 24 on WEtv.

Mama June weight loss from plastic surgery or gastric bypass?

Mama June Shannon set the internet on fire with teasers of a major "From Not to Hot" transformation after what she calls "weight loss surgery." Some wondered if she meant traditional bariatric surgery or plastic surgery.

And the answer is yes and yes. In early episodes of "Honey Boo Boo", June weighed nearly 400 pounds. She told RadarOnline that she lost weight after having a sleeve-type gastric bypass procedure Then the 37-year-old had excess skin excised in what is called skin removal surgery.

Mama June finally gets her tummy tuck?

Well, sort of. The mother of four had requested a tummy tuck on "Botched" under the misapprehension that it came with a C-section. She believed her C-section was botched when doctors didn't perform this procedure after she had her last child Honey Boo Boo. Shocked "Botched" doctors disabused her of this idea and further frustrated Shannon by denying the treatment. They said her obesity made it impossible to do safely.

But, after gastric bypass surgery and weight loss June qualified for skin removal.

Mama June stabs back at weight loss critics

Over the past few years, Shannon has boasted 100-150 pound weight loss. But most people said they could see no difference. June was hurt by that and says she'll prove she's gone "From Not to Hot." Along with weight loss surgery, the reality television star has undergone rigorous diet and exercise with a personal trainer.

The gastric bypass enabled her to curb her junk food addiction. And like TLC bariatric patients on "My 600-lb Life" she was able to get saggy skin trimmed up. Trailers show everyone's amazement at Mama June's transformation. Even daughter "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson was awestruck after she glibly predicted her mother might bleed out on the operating table. Is Mama June really a size 4 and smaller than Kim Kardashian? Tune in to WEtv to see if this makeover is as jaw-dropping as it's supposed to be.