The news was just revealed today that Joseph Duggar is courting! Now he is revealing a few details in a new video that shows him with his new girlfriend. This is the first time that one of the boys has courted in a while. Joseph shared a video on the Duggar Family Official page that gave out a few details.

What did Joseph reveal?

In this video, Joe Duggar is with his new girlfriend, Kendra Caldwell. He reveals that they are excited to announce they are in a courtship now. He shared that the first time that he ever met the Caldwell family was when he went to church where her family was at with Austin's family.

He went on to share that they have been talking for about six months. In the video, you can see that Joe is a lot taller than her. They are both wearing plaid shirts that look a lot alike.

He went on to explain that right when he started talking to Kendra Caldwell things went great. Joe says that their interests and also the things that they stand for line up really well. This makes it where Joe and Kendra sound like a great match. Kendra even spoke up a bit saying that she is looking forward to side hugs with Joseph. Another thing she will like is that they can do phone calls and texting. It sounds like they might have not been doing that before they were officially courting each other. Another thing she wants to do is go out in public and do ministry stuff together, and people know that they are courting.

Joseph Duggar actually got her a promise ring. This shows that he will be staying pure for her until marriage. He says some of his other siblings have done something similar. Kendra then said they are excited to share their journey on "Counting On." The fans can't wait to see them when this show comes back this summer to TLC.

So far, Josh Duggar is the only one of the boys in the Duggar family to get married.

Are you happy to hear that Joseph Duggar is in a courtship? What do you think of Kendra so far? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss Counting On when it returns to TLC this summer with new episodes.