If you'll base it on the Archie comic books, Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper will be fighting over Archie Andrews, while Jughead Jones will only have a love connection with Pop's famous hamburger. However, the episode 5 of "Riverdale" changed everyone's perception, especially Betty and Juggy's relationship.

Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) didn't beat around the bush when asked about the relationship of her character and Jughead. The 20-year-old actress shockingly revealed that the hamburger-obsessed character is not as asexual as the popular Archie comic books made him out to be.

Lili Reinhart shares Betty Cooper's real love connection in 'Riverdale'

When asked if she already knew that Betty and Jughead will officially stamp the status of their relationship in "Riverdale" episode 6, Lili Reinhart told Access Hollywood, "I didn't know that it was going to come in episode 6 specifically, but I did know that Betty and Jughead were going to end up together, romantically."

The actress also revealed that she already suspected that Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) will have a romantic connection but noted that they only know the final details as they go along. Lili Reinhart has obviously read the Archie comic books and is aware of Jughead's personality, so when she found out that Jug is going to show some feelings, the actress said that it was news to her.

Is Betty not interested in taking her friendship to the next level with Jughead?

Jughead famously kissed Betty on the lips in "Riverdale" episode 5. Anyone who had an idea about the storyline of the Archie comic books may have had a mini heart attack when they saw this squeal-worthy scene. Jughead Jones was not supposed to be this sweet and romantic, but he is, and it's driving the fans crazy.

Lili Reinhart also addressed the moment that her character talked about a car after Jughead allowed himself to be vulnerable to her. The actress revealed that she was not happy about it because she didn't want Jughead to feel that Betty was not into him because she knows that she is definitely into him.