Amy Duggar King is on "marriage boot camp: Reality Stars" and she is a lot different than the rest of her Duggar family. Amy is now speaking out about how she feels about being called "rebel Duggar." Amy is just a cousin to the children on "19 Kids and Counting," so it isn't like she was raised with Jim Bob and Michelle as parents. Amy lived with her mom, but she has been seen on the show "19 Kids and Counting" just hanging out with her family. Jim Bob did share that they wouldn't be watching the show.

What did Amy reveal?

Tonight they took part in a therapy exercise where they pushed a football dummy across the grass.

As they were doing it, they would yell out about things that they hated. Dillon King said, "I hate that I can't emotionally connect — I hate that I'm misunderstood," Amy screamed out saying, "I hate being a rebel Duggar. I don't like to be judged." Amy Duggar is always judged by people for not being the same as her family on the show. Amy also says, "I hate being labeled — I hate it so much. … I am not irresponsible!" It was a really good exercise and they really seemed to enjoy yelling out and sharing their thoughts on things they don't like about themselves.

On this season of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars," Amy Duggar King has revealed a lot about herself. She hasn't been shy about admitting that they are a bit wild in the bedroom, even though they did wait until they got married to have sex.

Amy also said that her father abused her as a child. She shared how he grabbed her by her neck and held her up to the ceiling. It was hard on Amy to admit all of this on the show, but she did it anyway.

Are you surprised to hear that Amy Duggar King hates being called "rebel Duggar"? Do you think that this name fits her well?

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