Josh Duggar recently celebrated his 29th birthday. Of course, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had to give their oldest child a special blog post with well-wishes and prayers. This is normal for the Duggar family, but there was something odd about it. When they mentioned including an updated photo of Josh and Anna, fans were confused because while the photo is probably the newest released to the public, it is several months old.

Bait and switch

The photo the Duggar parents claimed was "current" was taken at a family photo shoot last fall. When the Duggars wished Josh and Anna Duggar a happy anniversary last year, they included a similar photo in the blog post.

Fans put two and two together, and now there is speculation that things aren't all picture-perfect on the homefront. What would be the point in a bait and switch with a photograph? Fans are upset that they were lied to and that the Duggars clearly didn't think fans were smart enough to notice the photos were shot at the same photo shoot.

Rumors have now started back up that there is trouble in paradise for the couple. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the photo is definitely from last fall with the couple's youngest child, looking much younger than the 20 months she is currently. Anna Duggar decided to stand by her man after his cheating and molestation scandals were exposed in 2015. This caused a lot of grief for the family and since then, Josh Duggar has basically been kept out of the spotlight and not mentioned for more than his birthday and anniversary.

Are the Duggars hiding something?

With Josh Duggar, anything is possible. His family claims he has been healed and he did do some counseling with his wife, but is that really all it takes to cure a sex addiction? Fans and critics are skeptical at best, and rightfully so. The idea that the Duggars tried to pass off the photo as new when it clearly wasn't has raised some questions about how things are actually going between Josh and Anna. Rumors of her speaking with a divorce attorney have also circulated and now, that doesn't seem to be too far-fetched.